Focusing on healthy living and good lifestyle choices, you can become empowered to be in control of your health. I will guide you so you will gain the knowledge, tools, motivation, and confidence to get to where you want to go.

Are you overwhelmed by so much information available that you don’t know where to start? Do you need an accountability partner who will give you time, space, and support to get to where you want to go? Are you fed up of trying to make changes to your lifestyle, your eating, your exercise routine, and nothing sticks?

With my support, encouragement, and navigation, you will invest in yourself and excel at living your best life.

Alexia Cordiner

The areas of focus are all linked:


Activity levels



Relaxation or ‘me-time’

Hippocrates……If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.

How I can help

Encourage you to start and continue good habits

Help you make personalised lifestyle choices

Suggest how to shop and prepare healthy meals

Encourage good and achievable activity levels

Simplify the overwhelming and conflicting health and dietary advice

Suggest how to practise good sleep hygiene

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Ensure fulfilment in what you eat and how you live

Find control and balance in your life

Introduce relaxation techniques

Using skills and techniques learnt, such as transformational coaching, motivational interviewing, mind-body medicine knowledge, positive psychology (focusing on what has, can and will work better), character strength spotting, goal setting, habit changing, I can navigate you to ultimate wellness. In short, together we can ground in strategies for success. I am a HeartMath practitioner, able to teach heart-focused breathing meditation skills to bring about coherence.

You are in the driver’s seat, I am your navigator and cheer-leader, helping you get safely and efficiently where you want to go.

We can meet in person in Edinburgh (at my house or somewhere nearby) or on Zoom/Skype or phonecall.

Next Steps

We’ll organize to have an introductory conversation so you can find out more about health coaching and how, where and when we could work together.

If you decide to go ahead, I’ll send you a client agreement for you to read and sign in advance of our first session.


About Me

A love of people and a love of learning, but more importantly sharing what I’ve learnt with people, motivate me. I’m passionate about cooking and experimenting in the kitchen with different foods and flavours. Every day I challenge myself (and my lucky family!) to eat as many different vegetables as possible. I’m a qualified naturopathic nutrition adviser and a Mental Health First Aider.

Soon I hope to complete a Vinyasa yoga teacher training course but progress is being hindered by the desire to learn all the other forms of yoga……I have a qualified HeartMath practitioner, a science-based heart-focused breathing meditation tool that can help quickly change from feeling stressed to feeling calm. The techniques enable coherence, alignment of physical, mental and emotional systems to work in sync.
I ski, I play tennis and squash, I’m learning to play the piano. My dog joins me on swims in the North Sea, rivers and lochs throughout the long, cold, Scottish winters, walks up hills and then she lies on my toes on Zoom calls to keep me warm.

My story with a systems biology approach to health started when I was diagnosed with a ‘progressive’ fat tissue disorder, lipoedema, and was told there was nothing I could do to prevent the progression. I read the Disease Delusion by Dr Jeffrey Bland and other books with similar information which explained how the root cause of disease must be treated differently to its symptoms, how we are made up of a system, the parts of which are connected, but ultimately good health isn’t as complicated as it once was thought to be. My lippy is under control through lifestyle choices which I practise every day and other areas of my life have benefitted, mental health, relationships, confidence, energy levels, sleep.

The FMCA program serendipitously appeared on my radar during one of the UK lockdowns and I spent 12 months taking lectures and attending webinars which were delivered by the same people whose books and podcasts I had been devouring for the last 4 years!


If you are considering seeking coaching, or know that you want to work with a coach who is able to create a genuinely safe space for you, while also being willing to challenge your narratives with gentle humour and grace, then I whole-heartedly recommend that you work with Alexia and allow her to transform your life as she has mine.

David, England

Alexia’s enthusiasm, curiosity and authenticity enabled me to open up and develop.

Sarah, Scotland

If you want to learn more about yourself and want to take a journey to optimal health, you can work with Alexia confidently.

Dr OA, Turkey

I enjoyed the experience and it has made me think more about nutrition. Alexia has a kind and understanding manner and good knowledge of what we should and should not be eating.

DB, Scotland